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Despite its unfortunate physical resemblance to an electric shoe-shine machine, the Leedh E loudspeaker sounded open and airy during my visit to the room sponsored by Conceptas Sound and Engineering. I was prevented, by the language barrier, from learning anything about the E or its companion Lua brand electronics, including prices; one of two people running the room handed me some information sheets, but the other person snatched them away. I requested and was given more, but my moment of triumph was dashed when I saw that all of the literature was in French. All I have deciphered from it so far is that the Leedh E weighs less than “a dozen kilos” (I think), and one of its drivers is 17cm in diameter.

Incidentally, when I returned home from Montreal, I gave the Leedh fact sheet to my 15-year-old daughter, who is studying French. She said that the designers claim to have started with “a clean slate,” in reaction to flaws in “traditional loudspeakers,” and that iron pole pieces and standard cone suspensions have, in particular, been avoided.

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That's what I've just found on the Leedh site. I'd love to hear these speakers but it looks as if they've only got one pair doing the rounds... frown


Since 1976, the name LEEDH (Holophonic Laboratory of Research and Development) has symbolized quality in the world of ultra-high-fidelity speaker systems. LEEDH design is the direct result of first-hand, extensive research in the field of audio engineering. Founder Gilles MILOT continues to serve as Director of LEEDH. All of LEEDH’s speaker products, Perspective, Nazca, Aura, Elfe, and Psyche, have been expertly conceived to achieve the magic and beauty of acoustic (musical) integrity that parallels true live audio quality. The design was motivated by the firm conviction, rooted in experience, that the Holophonic speaker system guarantees the highest music quality, extending beyond high fidelity. The traditional speaker is composed of a casing, which distorts the sound by its very construction. While many generations of electronic sound technicians have labored over improving on the design of the traditional speaker, the few limited models developed years ago still serve as reminders of how little progress has been made in this area.

The art of speaker design consists of minimizing distortion and rendering it more pleasing, more musical, to listen to, using subjective control of a type of lutherie. This “instrumental” approach of speaker design has led to a misunderstanding: the musician of the recorded musical work is asked to play on the musical instrument of the audiophile and not on the actual instrument. The emotion experienced by the music lover during a live concert is limited, even if the sound is satisfactory. Thus, a number of music lovers are not audiophiles, despite their shared passion for music (musical expression). In order to move beyond this impasse, the LEEDH designers have entirely invented a new type of electrodynamic speaker, the HPAB (Acoustical Beauty Speaker).

The HPAB does not contain a soft iron pole piece in the motor, a foam edge, or a spider in the suspension, because these three components produce the majority of defects in traditional speakers. Two breakthrough technologies, the ironless motor and suspension with a Ferro fluid seal, internationally patented with the University of Maine, have replaced the traditional motor and suspension. The company ACOUSTICAL BEAUTY (AB) was created in 2007 to promote and integrate these new technologies into a range of speakers and to advance the mission of creating lasting jobs in the economically hard-hit area of South Sarthe. The French Ministry of Higher Education and Research recognized ACOUSTICAL BEAUTY as the winner of the national competition for the Creation of Innovative Technologies in 2008. AB works in collaboration with OSEO and local and regional economic stakeholders. The LEEDH C and the LEEDH E speakers are wholly unique from any previous speaker.

Whether you are a music lover or an audiophile, LEEDH’s intention is to provide you with the same audio experience as “live emotion” that you experience live.

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Dear Art Dudley, 

what we can promise to you, it's in fact the best sounding shoe shine machine in all the world:-) Some Experts from professional press put us on top position with the best sound at SSI 2013 performed by LeedH E2 speakers and driven by LUA tube amplifiers. 

Audiophile people in Canada came up with big interest for the LeedH E2 speakers and its amazing sound. We are very sorry, that you couldn't receive any information sheet in English ... we did prepare lot's of them for the show and each day it was not enough! 

Please email to 

and i'll send you the requested information. 

Best, Werner