Lexicon MC-1 preamplifier/surround processor Specifications

Sidebar 1: Specifications

Description: Solid-state digital audio/video controller with 8 sets of line-level analog input; 8 composite (RCA) and 8 S-video video inputs; 5 coaxial (RCA) and 3 optical (TosLink) digital inputs; 3 digital expansion ports for 24-bit/96kHz PCM digital audio. Outputs: Audio line-level: 8 main RCA (Front L/R, Center, Sides L/R, Rear L&R, subwoofer), 3 stereo pairs (2 record, 1 Zone 2). One coaxial digital audio output for digital-to-digital recording. Video: 3 composite (RCA), 3 S-video; 1 monitor, 2 record. Surround-Sound Processing: Dolby AC-3, THX, DTS.
Audio Section: A/D and D/A conversion: 24-bit Delta-Sigma. Frequency response: 10Hz–20kHz, +0.2dB, –0.3dB, ref. 1kHz. THD+noise: <0.005% at 1kHz, maximum output level. Dynamic range: 105dB minimum, 22kHz bandwidth, ref. 1kHz at –60dB below maximum output level. S/N ratio: 105dB minimum, 22kHz bandwidth, ref. 1kHz at maximum output level. Input Level: 2V RMS for maximum output (with Input gain 0), 200mV RMS for Dolby. Input Impedance: 100k ohms in parallel with 150 picofarads. Output level: 6V RMS (system volume +12dB). Output Impedance: 100 ohms in parallel with 150pF.
Video Section: NTSC M, PAL, and SECAM-compatible. Output level: 1.0V peak–peak. Impedance: 75 ohms. Input Return Loss: 40dB. Differential gain: <0.5%. Differential phase: <0.5°. Frequency response: 10Hz–10MHz, ±0.1dB. Bandwidth: !w25MHz. K factor: <0.3. Gain: ±0.15dB. S/N ratio: !w70dB.
DSP Surround Modes: Panorama, Nightclub, Concert Hall, Church, Cathedral, Party, 2-Channel, Music Surround, Music Logic, Logic 7, TV Matrix, Pro Logic, THX Cinema, Mono Logic, 5.1 2-Channel, 5.1 Music, 5.1 Logic 7, Dolby Digital, THX 4.1, DTS 2-Channel, DTS Music, DTS Logic 7, DS Film, DTS THX 6.1.
Remote Control: Hand-held, battery-operated infrared unit; uses 2 AA batteries.
Dimensions: 17.3" (440mm) W by 3.6" (92mm) H by 11.5" (292mm) D. Shipping weight: 10.8 lbs (4.9kg).
Serial number of unit reviewed: 11299-3689.
Price: $5995. Approximate number of dealers: 200. Warranty: 2 years.
Manufacturer: Lexicon Inc., 3 Oak Park, Bedford, MA 01730-1441. Tel: (781) 280-0300. Fax: (781) 280-0490. Web: www.lexicon.com.

Lexicon Inc.
3 Oak Park
Bedford, MA 01730-1441
(781) 280-0300