Kuzma Stabi turntable & Stogi tonearm Specifications

Sidebar 2: Specifications

Kuzma Stabi: suspended subchassis, belt-drive LP turntable. Speeds: 33.33rpm, 45rpm. Plinth: solid oak. Subchassis: Medite. Platter: 9 lbs. mass, precision-machined solid aluminum. Removable dustcover: smoked glass in solid-oak frame. Resonance of subchassis: 4.7Hz. Motors: one, 24-pole synchronous, 110V, 50Hz. Speed adjustment: ±0.5%. Power supply: external, quartz-controlled.
Dimensions: 7¼" H (with dustcover closed) by 201/8" W by 161/8" D. Weight: 46 lbs.
Price: $2200 (1995); $1200 (1999).

Kuzma Stogi tonearm: Construction: main assembly and headshell machined from solid aluminum blocks. Internally damped armtube is made of specially treated aluminum. Internal wiring: van den Hul. Arm mount: Linn-compatible.
Effective mass: 12.5 grams. Length: 229mm. Weight: 850gm.
Price: $950 (1995); $700 (1999).

Both: Approximate number of dealers: 25. Warranty: 5 years.
Manufacturer: Kuzma Audio Komponente, KAT Kranj d.o.o., Hotemaze 17a, 64205 Preddvor, Slovenia. Tel: (386) 64-43391. Fax: (386) 64-43388. Web: www.kuzma.si/. US distributor: Muse Electronics, Garden Grove, CA 92642 (1995); Elite Audio Video Distribution, PO Box 93896, Los Angeles, CA 90093-0896 (2017). Tel: (323) 466-9694 ext 22. Fax : (323) 466-9825. Web: www.eliteavdist.com.

Kuzma Audio Komponente
Elite Audio Video Distribution
PO Box 93896
Los Angeles, CA 90093-0896
(323) 466-9694

ken mac's picture

That is my turntable. Some 15 years and running....great...

spacehound's picture

Its only fault is that it wasn't made in a small garden shed using only a hammer and a hacksaw by someone your friends have never heard of, so it lacks 'HiFi' cred :):)

johnnythunder's picture

non-artisanal components from the 70s and 80s. Personally, I'm in the market for a new TT and the Technics is on my must audition list. I can't seem to find a bad review out there.

volvic's picture

I would go for the new Technics 1200G, as I have said numerous times on these pages, I have heard it and can't stop thinking about it. Sadly (well not really) I bought an SME10 and after searching long and heard also found an LVIII MK2 Ittok for my Linn so for now my shopping has come to a halt. I do have the older 1200 and will put an SMEIV on it but if I were you I would run and get that Technics - I was very impressed. Not that the Stogi is bad either, fantastic table as well, but that Technics....

spacehound's picture

Which was before CDs appeared, I nearly bought a Stogi.

But all these 'skeleton' turntables, lacking both a base and a dust cover are totally impractical in the real world, which has dust, dogs, flies dead and alive, and curious cats in it.

Sure you can make or buy a cover that covers the entire thing but then you are looking at a 'lash up' all day.

volvic's picture

Dust goes everywhere, I have an SME10 without cover and yes it attracts dust but so too does my Technics 1200 and LP12 both with dustcovers. In Manhattan dust is everywhere. Just buy a ginko cover for these skeleton plinth tables and you're all set.

Richard Thorens's picture

The plinth design reminds me of Soul lines "Elgar DCX" http://www.soulines.com/elgar-dcx @spacehound, I just got these custom vibration isolation feet for my son's technics 1210, and they worked great, https://mnpctech.com/turntable-feet-replacement-isolation/

JacksonCambage's picture

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