Krell KAV-300i integrated amplifier System

Sidebar 2: System

Several good-quality integrated amplifiers were on hand for comparison at the time of this test. These ranged from the inexpensive Exposure XX to the Musical Fidelity A1000, and included the new, expensive Ensemble Evocco. Reference power amplifiers included the recently discontinued Krell KSA-200s, a Naim NAP250, an Audio Research VT150SE and a Conrad-Johnson MV55. Source components included the Krell KPS-20i/l and KPS-30i CD players, while comparison preamps included an Audio Research LS22 and a C-J PV12. Cables were Siltech, van den Hul, and Transparent. Loudspeakers ranged from the Wilson System 5 and WITT to the Ensemble Profusia, the Quad ESL-63, and the KEF Reference Four.—Martin Colloms

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