Innuos Releases InnuOS2.4

"What's in a number?" you may ask. In the case of InnuOS2.4, the latest update to music server company Innuos' own streaming software announced at Munich High End, a lot. As in:

1: The ability to multi-select tracks from multiple albums and create and name your own compilation.

2: For consistency's sake, you can rename and merge artists and change names in all your files. For example, if you have files identified by "The Beatles," "Beatles," and (goddess forbid), "beatles," you can merge them all.

3: You can filter artists according to genre. For example, you can display all the artists in your library who perform in both chamber music and concerto performances. You can also merge categories and choose to ignore discrepancies in metadata.

4: You can edit covers individually, replacing covers automatically selected with those that reside in the appropriate folder.

5: The one I've been waiting for: In addition to the ability to sort your library by artist and album, you can sort by "Date Added." At last!

According to Innuos founder Nuno Vitorino (above), future iterations of InnuOS will include a Music Management Dashboard that will enable mass changes to metadata. Any corrections/changes you make to metadata will remain if you export the file.

Are you an Innuos owner? You can go and give feedback about software changes you'd like. There are even community voting opportunities when you can vote on which changes you prefer.