Increcable Acoustic Lab TPC-1HP Preamp

Pennsylvania-based distributor/exporter Dyson Lai proudly presented the gorgeous new TPC-1HP tube preamp from Seattle, Washington-based Increcable Acoustic Lab. Retail will be $6,000 when the preamp is released in the next couple months.

Lai explained that the preamp features a separate tube-regulated power supply (the chassis on the left), two output transformers on the main chassis, and a dedicated headphone amplification section. All Increcable products are point-to-point wired by hand, with no circuit boards used.

As far as I know, Stereophile has yet to review any of the Increcable offerings, but I'm thinking these products would be a natural for Herb Reichert or Art Dudley. What do you say guys?

tonykaz's picture

thats what this thing is, isn't it? , a nicer box-set version of a Valhalla 2 or Feliks or one of Denis Had's simple designs.

I'd like to know if it's glassed up with Kevin Deal's Good/Better or Best stuff ?

It's pretty, in a vintage sort of way.

I could own one of these.

Why is it so cheap?

Tony in Michigan