How much would you pay ($US) for a DVD-Audio-only disc?

How much would you pay ($US) for a DVD-Audio-only disc?
Less than $10
11% (23 votes)
15% (32 votes)
25% (52 votes)
27% (56 votes)
15% (32 votes)
4% (8 votes)
2% (4 votes)
0% (1 vote)
More than $35
0% (1 vote)
Total votes: 209

Recent announcements indicate that DVD-Audio may soon emerge as a set of standards. Assuming that a DVD-Audio disc is not backward-compatible with CD players, but will play on the new DVD player (with DVD-Audio update) you just bought, how much would you spend for the special discs?

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I am not looking forward to another digital format/failure. I simply want my original choice of analog, vinyl, and real tapes back! I am willing to pay any reasonable price for analog media. Any price for digital sources is too high for me!

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If this new medium is going to make it in today's mid-fi world, it will have to produce. It will not prosper by being an item only the financially well-off can afford to buy in reasonable quantity. The masses will look at it this way: I can get a video DVD for $19 to $25, so why should I spend more on a DVD that is audio only? If the price is kept close to $20, it will have a much better chance for success. Even the masses will realize the better sound outweighs the increase in price over the compact disc.

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If a special "gold" or high quality were available that has significant improvemet over standand recordings, then I would pay double.

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Let's not repeat the STUPIDITY of laserdisc pricing, or the recent stupidity of DTS pricing . . . or the LD pratfall of releasing multiple improved versions of the same material. Bottom line is, get it right the first time and price to sell to fly off the shelves. And don't give us the BS story about early adopters will always pay more in the beginning---it's called gouging, plain and simple; shooting yourself in the foot!

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The consumer must first hear an audible improvement, before they switch from compact disk.

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Same as CDs.

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Anyone who drops $30 on a CD, as most of us probably do, should have no problem dropping that much on a DVD-Audio disc.

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There's no reason DVD-Audio discs should cost any more than normal CDs, which are already too expensive.

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We already have a spec for DVD-Audio---the current DD AC-3 5.1, which already works in my DVD player. We do not need another format. Use the one we have. Use less compression and other features that are already available. We do not need another format war!

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I haven't heard the value of DVD music yet. It would have to be a lot better before I would pay more than a CD!

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They'll soon cost $0.50 to make, just like CDs; and, without the Sony royalty, should sell for less. Maybe the artist will even get something from the sale!

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I haven't bought a DVD player, and until the DVD/DSD issue is cleared up, or they make DVD backward-compatible, I don't intend to purchase.

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Anything recorded on it?

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DVDs cost about $3 more per unit than CDs to press and glue together. I think that should be passed through without markup.

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I would be willing to pay the same amount as a regular cd.

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Most of us have invested substantially in CDs already. With the improving sound quality of recent CDs and various recording and mastering techniques, like JVC's K2, DG's 4D, and Sony's SACD, an incompatible format will have to be extremely competitive to survive in the marketplace.

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This is a silly question, as anyone who is into high-quality music reproduction is usually not into buying "movies"; thus, they would not own a DVD player. However, I would pay up to $18 for a DSD disc that is backward-compatible.

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I might pay more if the sound quality is OBVIOUSLY far superior to my current best-sounding CDs.

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I'd pay about 10% more than the CD price.

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Should be no more or less than a CD.

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DVD? Why?

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Only if DVD gave truly exception audio reproduction, ie. better than the best recorded and produced CDs available today.

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There is no need to charge what we currently pay for CDs. DVDs should not cost even more just because of the improved sound quality. I would pay for DVD audio what I currently pay for CD audio.

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While I would be willing to spend $22-$25, unless the price is around the present price for premium CDs ($17) it will fail.

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I have quire a few "remastered" CDs in my collection right now, each of which represents a price premium over a standard CD. I understand that premium, primarily due to the engineering involved in the value-added sounds. But I would like to see standard DVD discs remain in the standard CD price range. The amount of human engineering, which is the expensive part, remains consistent, while the form-factor and its manufacturing components are very similar. But, given the record industry, we will likely all be charged a premium, despite the real product costs. Sigh.

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Previously, with CDs, the industry folks stated early on that, as CD production became the standard, the prices would go down. Well, that has obviously not occurred for new releases. If the DAD (or whatever format) price starts higher to cover NRE costs, etc., I don't see it dropping once those costs are amortized. Let's come up with a middle price point and stick with it.

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Since CDs are so incredibly cheap to produce, DVD should be the same. If one is going to bring in a "new" medium, either do it cheap, or see it fail like all the others. Another point: How can we be sure that non-audiophiles are able to DETECT an improvement? If they can't, DVD-Audio is dead in the water---unless CD is terminated, to be replaced by DVD.