How many CDs and LPs are in your collection?

Maybe it doesn't really matter how much music you have if you've got those three great albums that do it for you every time, but some folks just can't stop collecting. How about you?

How many CDs and LPs are in your collection?
Fewer than 100
2% (8 votes)
21% (73 votes)
27% (92 votes)
20% (68 votes)
17% (57 votes)
8% (26 votes)
More than 5000
5% (16 votes)
Total votes: 340

Joe Hartmann's picture

For me a question of interest is how much music does the readership collect per month? What is the format breakdown CD, LP? What is a % breakdown of the current collection and what types of music are you currently collecting Classical,Pop, Rock,Jazz etc. ? Maybe a cross referance of how long have you been collecting?

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Life without new music? That's an interesting concept.

Anonymous's picture

It makes no senss to have more than 500 LPs or CDs since there aren't enough hours in a day to listen to all of them. It would take several lifetimes to listen to each just once.

Kevin Graf's picture

CDs 500 plus LPs 1000 plus

Federico Cribiore's picture

The more the better. Music is passion and life: How could you ever have too much?!?

Gary Ang's picture

400 and growing by the month

T's picture

I have too wide a taste for my wallet. I like everything from heavy headbanging to classical and easy listening.

Jonathan Scull, aka J-10's picture

I can't stop! Help me before I drag K-10 once more into the East Village in search of cheap vinyl! Last purchase: Ellington's "Indigos," perfect-condition Columbia 6-eye, $14.99. Will it never end? Never.

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For the record [sic], my music collection is worth at least three times the value of my equipment. Even though I can't afford the equipment I'd like to own, I would maintain this ratio if I could.

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The larger the collection gets, the less well I know the overall library. I often "find" discs which I had forgotten I owned.

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I don't want to have to rebuild my collection when DVD audio standards are finally figured out. Hopefully DVD won't sound as good as CD's :) . That way, Micheal Fremer will have something else to write about in a year or two!

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I nuy as many as I can afford.

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Take my Penguin Guide . . . PLEASE!

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I have roughly 700 CD's and almost 300 Lps, and growing. I'm always on the lookout for good music, and always looking for something new, be it Rock, classical, new age, trditional Chinese music, or whatever. While I have my favorites, variety IS the spice of life. Can one have TOO much music? I don't think so! Who knows, maybe i'll find that perfect versuon of a concerto I've been looking for. In fact, as international commerce and exposure to more obscure artists become more prevelent, the opertunities for more music grow every day!

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I just started to get into music in the last few years. all my previous CD's were 'alternative' based from the late 80's. While I have a long way to go to establish a solid catalogue I certainly look forward to it in pleasure!!

melvyn kopstein's picture

approximately 200 records and 300 CDs

Lorrain's picture

now more cds than l.p

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I have about 250 CDs, andabout 1600 LPs. The problem my taist in music changes from time to time, also my faverites are in both formats.

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1000 cd's 800 records

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I do have about ten favorite CDs/LPs that get in the regular rotation, but it is always fun to dig and find something that I haven't heard for awhile. My collection is like the "Energizer Rabbitt" it keeps growing and growing...'s picture

In live music, even with the same players, you never hear the same piece performed identically, so it is hard for me to be satisfied with only one performance of a piece. Given budgetary and space limitations, though, it is valuable to me to listen to the recordings before I buy them and wish I could more often, especially the non top-20 sellers. I would probably purchase more if I could hear recordings Im tempted to get but am afraid to spend the money on.

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The really sad part is how many of these will be duplicated in the next few years by 24 bit versions or DVD releases! I am glad I still have all my vinyl (although even that media now has all those heavy weight versions to sucker you one more round)

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I have anywhere from 300-350 CDs. My collection has started in November 1984, but the date of some of the material goes back to 1956, which makes some of the music that I own actually older than I. The type of material varies, ranging from R&B, Rap (and Hip-Hop), Jazz, and Oldies (Boy, these are classics too). Of the 300+ CDs that I own, I'll say there are about 6 or 7 that I go back to on a continuous basis. A couple of them are more than 10 years old. No, I cannot stop collecting though. As new and hot material is released every year, right along with the fact if I find a CD that was very good, but no longer current, I'll will buy it anyway. Like I said, my collection will grow continuously, as I get my CDs from three different sources: (a). Retail (if it's a new release) (b). Used (if it's something I sort of liked, but refused to pay retail for it), and (c). Music Clubs (if it's something specific that I am looking for, but can't find it locally). Any questions?

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70 pct. of my collection is Jazz. I wish I could buy more, but lately the music industry are launching more re-issues than brand new recordings.

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Is there such a thing as too much music?

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All CDs. Have about 12 linear feet of LPs boxed up since 1985.

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800+cds 400+lps

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800 lp, 300 CD about 200 total worth listening to for sound or musical quality.

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I'm buying more CD's these days but there's nothing like going shopping for used vinyl!!