High End Munich Canceled for 2021

Due to the ongoing pandemic threat, High End Munich 2021, which had been rescheduled to September 9-12, has been canceled for this year. The 2020 show was also canceled. If things go according to plan, the show will pick back up again in its usual May slot in 2022. See the press release below for more details. High End Munich is the second show to be canceled in recent days. The cancelation of the new Pacific Audio Fest, which was scheduled for Seattle in late July and early August, was announced last week. The premiere of the Seattle show is now scheduled for July 29-31, 2022.

Anton's picture

Ah, well, as a Dallas Cowboys fan I am used to saying, "Just wait until next year!"

I was hoping we'd be ready in time for Pacific Audio Fest, but sometimes discretion is the better part of valor.

The idiots in my county are keeping us at only 31% vaccinated.

At this rate, audiophiles are going to get even more used to this being a solitary hobby! ;-D

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Yeah, who wouldn't have seen that coming.