Hi-Fi in Miniature: The McIntosh MXA60

Sound Ideas Stereo, a hi-fi dealership based in Gainesville, Florida, used a McIntosh MXA60 ($7500), “a full-blown McIntosh hi-fi in miniature,” to pump music into the long and busy corridor between the large Atlanta rooms and the great Capitol Ballroom, where seminars and live performances took place daily.

At any given moment during the show, I could pass by this exhibit to hear sweet sounds and smile at the lovely ladies who seemed enchanted by the MXA60.

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Gotta love it when a big Asia-based co buys up a bunch of brands.   $7500 for a system with crappy speakers?   

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How can someone write a review on something that they know nothing about?

Not only has this fool never heard this unit, he doesn't own it.

He will never have the wherewithal to do so.......