A Hi-Fi Event at Soundings in Denver, Colorado

Thursday, November 14, 6–9pm: Join Denver, Colorado's Soundings Fine Audio Video for an evening of Hi-fi awesomeness as they host friends and representatives from Boulder Amplifiers, Rockport Technologies, and Nordost Cables. Boulder's Rich Maes will present the worldwide debut demo of the Boulder 866 integrated amplifier. Come hear the debut and ask questions, and talk cables and Qkore technology with Mike Marko of Nordost. Come out and meet Josh Clark, the new owner of Rockport Technologies. Drinks and snacks will be provided.

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The picture included with this depicts some expensive esoteric cables on single ended interconnection.

It seems like a really bad idea for so much of the expensive high end gear to continue to use single ended interconnections, with signal returns and noise currents sharing conductors with unbalanced impedance.

Single ended is just a cost reduction.

On anything but the very cheapest consumer grade equipment, analog interconnection should be on shielded twisted pair cables terminated with XLR connectors, wires within the twisted pair exhibiting balanced impedance with respect to ground, the shielding connected through pin one at both ends to chassis ground near the connector, with all grounding schema in compliance with AES48.

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I agree but cabling has nothing to do with sound quality.
Also WBT'll get out of business.
You also need speakon ?? Something again bananas and forks uh ?

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A good playback system will exhibit a low noise floor.

For analog signals, I will continue to advocate balanced interconnections, and grounding schema compliant with AES48.

A properly made cable is an important part of the interconnection, but there is more to the interconnection than just the cable.

An adequately well made inexpensive balanced analog audio interconnection will exhibit common mode noise rejection that outperforms any single ended analog interconnection including those using expensive esoteric cables.

Yet there seems to be no shortage of audiophiles buying expensive gear with single ended interconnections, and using expensive esoteric single ended cables in hopes of better performance, rather than utilizing balanced interconnections and gear that properly facilitates that.

And no, I do not work for Neutrik.