Harmonic Technology CyberLight Wave & P2A interconnects Letters, October 2005

The following letter was published in October 2005 (Vol.28 No.10):

Editor: I began skimming the Harmonic Technology review in August (p.123) without first noting who was doing the reviewing. As the article poured on more and more accolades and finally got to the business of claiming "most significant single technological breakthrough," I was thinking, Okay, who is doing all this gushing? I flipped back a few pages, expecting to see some guest contributor, because no one at Stereophile puts their coconuts that far out on the chopping block and then dares the technical community to feed him crow.

You have got to hand it to Michael Fremer. You gotta hear something pretty special to be in this business as long as he has and [still] get behind a new product so completely. With all the recent talk about double-blind testing and measurements vs listenings, I have to say that I respect Mr. Fremer's decision to look past the wall warts, pigtails, and "horrendous thumps" of this emerging technology and say, "Hey, we've really got something here." Good for you, Michael. And good for us.—Chris Eriksen, Santa Clara, CA, chris.eriksen@tek.com

Editor's Note: We received many more letters about Michael Fremer's Cyberlight review than we had room to publish. In the next four web pages, appear a selection of the more interesting, along with Michael's responses.—Ed.