Stereophile alumnus and publicist extraordinaire Jonathan Scull—Bel Canto, Furutech ADL, DEQX, XLO—exchanges fire with the RMAF registration staff: In life as in the Leonard Cohen songbook, "Outdrew ya'" rhymes with "Hallelujah."

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Jonathan always aims high.

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Yes, it was a struggle, close-in hand-to-hand combat in the "R to S" isle, a real no-man's land. I actually never fired, my finger did all the talking!  (-"  I think he was pointing to the badge already in my holder which was from last CES. Yes, I have a collection. There was a tiny bobble getting my badge but next morning there it was. I gotta say the photo is HILARIOUS, I can't stop laughing! AND it was a great RMAF and nice to see everyone!