Grand Nola

Near-holographic imaging—an audio ideal for some hobbyists!—could be heard in the Nola suite, where the company's new KO loudspeaker ($9800/pair) was demonstrated with Audio Research amplification, Audio Research CD player, and Nordost cabling and Quantum QX4 EMF-control devices. The 3.5-way KO uses aluminum-cone woofers and is described by designer Carl Marchisotto as offering 90dB sensitivity and a nominal 8-ohm load.

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Sorry but that concept is prone to being discarded by the 2 channel purist and also the 7.1 channel movie purist.

Ahhhhh Nordost cables and  a what?......Quantum QX4 EMF-control device.........uhhhhh yeah right. I always need something with the name Quantum on it so I know it's working at the quantum scale of making my sound "just so and dandy"