Good Stuff from Aesthetix

Aesthetix's Jim White (above right), along with the company's distributor, Garth Leerer of Musical Surroundings, showed off the new, Aesthetix Saturn Atlas Eclipse monoblock amplifier ($25,000/pair). An evolution of a product first launched 10 years ago, the Saturn Atlas Eclipse sports super-matched output devices that effectively lower noise by 40%. Leerer claims that due to careful matching, even the amp's new, less costly stereo version ($15,000) outperforms the former unmatched monoblock version.

In addition, the Aesthetix Saturn Atlas Eclipse monoblock amplifier offers StealthCap capacitors, better mechanical chassis isolation in the form of shock-mounted transistors, and improved power supply grounding via a star ground. All this amounts to monoblocks that output 350Wpc into 8 ohms and 550 into 4, and can handle loads up to 2 ohms. Note that you can get the amp with either a Saturn- or Jupiter-style chassis to match whichever Aesthetix preamp you have.

Sitting next to the Saturn Atlas Eclipse monoblock was the Aesthetix Metis linestage preamp ($25,000). Alas, both displays were passive, so a report on their synergistic magic will have to wait for another time.

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Nice coverage of CES. I think you might have a future in Audio Journalism. Now (if JA will allow it) you could head over to Montana to interview Tyll and learn how to do his style of Pocket Cam Video Interviews, you'd be the Top Dog in that Stereophile group.
Nice Work!

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