GoldenEar Technology Triton Two loudspeaker Specifications

Sidebar 1: Specifications

Description: Three-way floorstanding loudspeaker. Drive-units: 1.06" by 1.31" High-Velocity Folded Ribbon (HVFR) tweeter, two 4.5" cone midrange units, two 5" by 9" cone woofers powered by an internal amplifier, two 7" by 10" passive radiators. Crossover frequencies: 150Hz, 3.5kHz. Frequency range: 16Hz–35kHz. Sensitivity: 91dB/2.83V/m. Nominal impedance: 8 ohms. Recommended amplifier power: 20–500W. Built-in subwoofer amplifier: class-D, 1200W.
Dimensions: 48" (1230mm) H (with base, no spikes) by 5.25" (135mm) W front by 7.5" (190mm) W rear by 15" (385mm) D. Weight: 60 lbs (27.3kg).
Finish: Glossy piano black with black cloth.
Serial Numbers Of Units Reviewed: 1010 00235, 1010 00273 (auditioning); 1010 0961, 1010 0979 (measuring).
Price: $2499.98/pair. Approximate number of dealers: 150.
Manufacturer: GoldenEar Technology, PO Box 141, Stevenson, MD 21153. Tel: (410) 998-9134. Fax: (410) 356-0808. Web:

GoldenEar Technology
PO Box 141
Stevenson, MD 21153
(410) 998-9134

thomasrhee's picture

Since Stereophile reviewed the Definitive Technology STS speakers, it would seem a comparison to them would've been inevitable with all the similarities of not only the speakers themselves, but the designer as well?!?

Jai's picture

Would a Onkyo TX-NR1009, TX-NR3009 (or the TX-NR809) qualify as High End amp? How do I know what amp is worthy and will do a good job? Can not find an assorted number of amps in Europe.

Frank G's picture

I have a pair of STS speakers and GoldenEar seperates. I would be very interested in any comparision.

wrthchld's picture

I have a pair of the Triton II's... They are very smooth and dynamic. The imaging is unbelievable. Great speakers for the price. I'm going to be investing in the 50 and 50C speakers for my surround also. I've listened to the Def Tech Mythos side by side and maybe I'm a little biased but the imaging is better plus the bass response is outstanding with the Triton II's. The HVFR tweeters are soo smooth and not overwhelmingly annoying like a lot of tweeters are. It took about a month to break in the speakers but I have no regrets what so ever.... Great Speakers.

Jai's picture

What amplifier are you using? What's your setup? Any recommendations for a budget high-end amp?  : )

Metalhead's picture

Well, I have never heard them but in the interests of parsing and navel gazing;

They look a little basic and functional but looking at the componets and the price for a new pair of speakers they scream to me as a must listen and seem to fit the audio dictionary definition of GIANT killer's.