Genesis Technologies Digital Lens System

Sidebar 2: System

The Digital Lens spent most of its time in my system between the Mark Levinson No.31 transport and a Classé DAC-1 digital processor. The digital cable between the transport and Lens was the excellent Illuminati DataFlex Studio. An AudioQuest Diamond X3 AES/EBU cable connected the Lens to the Classé. This input/output digital cable complement was reversed depending on the digital processor's input options.

I also tried the Lens with the Sonic Frontiers SFT-1 and Parasound C/BD-2000 transports—two very different-sounding machines. Other processors I auditioned the Lens with included the killer Parasound D/AC-2000 ($1995), Theta Chroma 396 ($830 with HDCD), Adcom GDA-600, and Sonic Frontiers Assemblage. The Parasound uses a low-jitter UltraAnalog AES21 input receiver; the Theta, to be reviewed next month) features a standard Crystal CS8412.

The rest of the system was a Sonic Frontiers SFL-2 preamplifier driving Audio Research VT150 tubed monoblocks, with Genesis II.5 loudspeakers at the end of the chain. Interconnects included WireWorld Gold Eclipse, AudioQuest Diamond X3, and AudioQuest Lapis. Loudspeaker cables were short runs of AudioQuest Dragon II.

The system was plugged into the MIT Z-Center, with MIT Z-Cord II AC cords on all the front-end equipment. The power amplifiers have integral power cords, but were connected to the wall outlet through an MIT Z-Stabilizer II. A Merrill Stable Table and Billy Bags 5500 equipment rack provided support. The transports under audition also sat on a Bright Star Audio Little Rock 2 isolation platform.—Robert Harley

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