Furry Convention

Um, you know how CES typically coincides with the AVN Awards? Well, this year’s Newport Beach Show happens to coincide with Califur 8, Southern California’s annual furry convention. The nearby Marriott, where I happen to be staying, is home to the convention.

It's extremely creepy. I found this lovable guy curled up around a very big tube amp.

MrGneiss's picture

Tell the truth..Its really a picture of you!! :-D

Jeff Joseph's picture

Go down to the lobby and spread out a big swath of newspaper. 

Jeremy.N's picture

Wow, I bet you see a lot of things happening there. I hope that you will provide more details as time will allow you to do so. This is a really cute picture. Thanks for taking the time to upload it.



Nothing can be stranger than a "furry convention" in a hotel with no responsibility where you look around and see people dressed up in furry costumes that seem crazy.

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The furry afficianados will never be as perverted as those paying tens of thousands of dollars for cables, no matter how hard they try.

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There are some things in life that I will just NEVER get.

This is definitely one of them.

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