fidata HFAS1 Network Audio Servers

Importer Mark Gurvey notes that this is the first time that fidata has shown products in the US, and they include a 1TB server (HFAS1-S10U at $5,000) and 2TB server (HFAS1-XS20U at $7,000) that are now available. Inside are sets of 500GB SSD Samsung pro-grade drives, and both servers are built on what Gurvey says is a "true audiophile" platform designed from scratch with physically isolated sections within the chassis for each function.

The impressively built (my opinion) fidata servers allow users to capture and tag music from a variety of sources and formats including DSD, WAV or FLAC, and then either plug into your network, or directly into a streamer. The servers are made in Japan and fidata is the first consumer brand set up by I-O DATA also of Japan.

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An extra $2k for $600 worth of enterprise-grade storage. At 2TB total it's rather light on storage space. (Rip 300 SACDs to a drive and see how fast it eats up 1TB of space.) Would hope they offer better options for storage space in the future. Between high-res files and SACD rips, not to mention thousands of CD rips, I'm already bursting the seams of a 4TB drive.

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I'm closing on having to upgrade my 4tb drives to 6tb. I'd think that anyone who'd drop $7k on a "true audiophile" platform would be at similar levels.