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Audioengine. Tel: (877) 853-4477. Web:
Bright Star Audio, 22647 Ventura Blvd., Suite 366, Woodland Hills, CA 91364-1416. Tel: (818) 577-7924. Fax: (818) 704-1978. Web:
Klipsch Group, Inc., 3502 Woodview Trace, Suite 200, Indianapolis, IN 46268. Tel: (800) 544-1482, (317) 860-8100. Fax: (317) 860-9170. Web:
Music Hall, 108 Station Road, Great Neck, NY 11023. Tel: (516) 487-3663. Web:

John Hall's picture

Looks like you're living the life buddy...good music and pretty ladies! Cant wait for the review of the Jolida tube amp. Has there been any more news about Jolida fighting with the chinese Jolida company?

Stephen Mejias's picture

Thanks very much, John.  This does feel like a pretty special time in my life; I'm enjoying it.

My review of the Jolida is in our July issue, on newsstands now.  I don't have any info on the company's legal issues, however.

VVIl_l_'s picture

I had a similar problem with my music hall turntable so I purchased the isonode feet. Did you remove the Music Hall's original feet or something? Because the isonodes add immensely to the wobble of the record player...


Please advise.

Stephen Mejias's picture

Hi there.

No, I didn't remove the Music Hall's feet. I very carefully placed the IsoNodes directly beneath the Music Hall's feet. You needn't be concerned if the turntable wobbles when a record isn't playing. Just make sure the turntable is level on its stand. And, even if the turntable wobbles a little bit when pushed, the record shouldn't skip under normal playing conditions.

Good luck!