Eminent Technology LFT-VIII loudspeaker System

Sidebar 2: System

The ETs were hooked up to my reference system: LP playback was courtesy of the Well-Tempered Record Player, Audio Research SP-14 phono stage, and a Sumiko Blue Point Special cartridge; CDs were fed to the Theta Data II/Basic II combo, along with a PS Audio Ultralink; DAT playback came from a JVC DAT deck feeding the processors; preamp was the cool-man Melos SHA-1 headphone amplifier; amps were VTL Deluxe 225s, Muse Model One Hundred, Forté Models 4 and 6, and Aragon 4004 Mk.II; Aside from the AudioQuest Lapis between the 'table and phono stage, Kables were Kimber KCAG line and 4AG speaker, and everything that didn't have a captive AC cord was plugged into a Power Wedge line conditioner with a Kimber Power Kord, the koolest kind I've kome akross. Several RoomTunes make the room sound much more better.—Corey Greenberg

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