Dynaudio Accent 3 powered loudspeaker Manufacturer's Comment

Sidebar 3: Manufacturer's Comment

Editor: Dynaudio wishes to thank the staff at Stereophile for taking the opportunity to audition and comment on our Accent 3 model. The care and thoroughness of the review as well as the compliments on our drive-unit design are very appreciated.

We are, of course, disappointed that Mr. Olsher did not find the sound of the reviewed pair more to his liking. One aspect deserves comment. For the last two years Dynaudio has employed a sophisticated quality-control system to make sure that no speaker pair is shipped with a tolerance of more than 0.5dB from 50Hz to 18kHz. We are certain that the discrepancy between units that Mr. Olsher found was a malfunction that occurred either at the CES trade show or afterwards. We invite Mr. Olsher to listen to another pair or to visit our factory to see the care we take to insure quality and uniformity.

Dynaudio speaker systems have been manufactured and sold in Europe for over a decade. We are proud that many reviewers and thousands of owners have been pleased with our exacting standards of audio fidelity.—Wilfried Ehrenholz, Managing Director, Dynaudio A/S

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