Diapason Adamantes II loudspeaker Specifications

Sidebar 1: Specifications

Description: Two-way, reflex-loaded, stand-mounted loudspeaker. Drive-units: 6.7" (170mm) plastic-cone woofer; 0.85" (20mm) soft-dome tweeter. Frequency range: 34Hz–20kHz (no limits given). Crossover frequency: 2.5kHz. Sensitivity: 91dB/W/m. Nominal impedance: 6 ohms. Minimum impedance: 3.7 ohms at 300Hz.
Dimensions: 14.4" (365mm) H by 9.5" (240mm) W by 15" (380mm) D. Weight: 21 lbs each (9.5kg).
Serial numbers of review samples: 1020A/B.
Price: $3998/pair (matching stands cost $750/pair), 1996. Approximate number of dealers: 15 (1996).
Manufacturer: Diapason, Via Delle Tofane, 15-25128 Brescia, Italy. Tel: (39) 030-3701218. Fax: (39) 030-3384098. Web: www.diapason-italia.com/eng/homepage.htm. US Distributor: Diapason USA, 624 South Magnolia Street, Mooresville, NC 28115. Tel/Fax: (704) 664-9684. Web: www.diapasonusa.com.

US Distributor: Diapason USA
624 South Magnolia Street
Mooresville, NC 28115
(704) 664-9684