DeVore Fidelity

One of the many rooms sponsored by Montreal retailer Coup de Foudre was dedicated to the new DeVore Fidelity Gibbon 88 loudspeaker ($5000/pair), which replaces the Super 8 in DeVore's line. The 88 uses an entirely new woofer, which designer John DeVore says was influenced by the recent work he did on the DeVore Orangutan model; technical distinctions include a paper (instead of plastic) cone and a larger motor overall than its predecessor, with double the voice-coil travel. Consequently, sensitivity is up in the Gibbon 88, to approximately 91dB.

The new DeVores sounded wonderful with a new Line Magnetic integrated amp, plus a Leben RS30EQ phono preamp ($2695), Brinkmann Bardo turntable with Graham Phantom tonearm (approximately $13,000 for the combo), EMT TSD 15N cartridge with Super Fineline stylus ($1950), Hommage T2 step-up transformer ($4995), and Shindo Mr. T power conditioner ($2200), with all supporting gear on a custom Box Furniture rack.

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Nice kit!

John DeVore today is the speaker guy to watch (and listen).

Happy Listening!