Day 2 at the NYAS: a Binaural Video Report

Captured in the corridor: Music Hall's Roy Hall (left) tells Herb Reichert about a system tweak that always results in better sound.

Here’s our second (of three) video show reports from the New York Audio Show that took place earlier this month at Manhattan’s Park Lane Hotel.

After monitoring the feedback on our first video report, I realized that I should have been clearer about the footage in the room. For those of you who were concerned about the placement of the microphones from the different types of footage of Herb listening, please understand that it’s difficult for us to set up the recording and video at the same time—especially in a crowded showroom. Our main priority upon first entering a room is to get the best possible recording. Because of this, some footage of equipment and different angles of Herb are shot later and included in the video to make it more visually interesting.

In the Technics room, there were two systems. The first featured SB-G90 BDMA loudspeakers in black ($4999/pair), an SU-G700 digital integrated amplifier ($2499.50), and an SL-1200GR single-rotor, coreless turntable ($1699.99). The second featured SB-C700 loudspeakers in white ($1699.99/pair) with an SU-G30 network audio amplifier ($3999.99) and ST-G30 music server/CD ripper ($4999.99) on the digital front, and an SL 1200G-S twin-rotor, coreless turntable ($3999.99) on the analog front. They also showed the SC-C70 compact hi-fi system ($999.99).

The next room was hosted by Legacy Audio, Raven Audio, and Metronome, and featured a Metronome CD 8S, 120Wpc Raven Silhouette Mk.2.1 monoblock amplifiers ($25,995/pair), a Legacy Wavelet DAC/preamplifier/processor/correction unit ($4950), and Legacy Aeros speakers in cabernet/black pearl ($21,450/pair as shown); cables were provided by Douglas Connection.

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These Stereophile videos are high quality, extremely enjoyable and very informative. I wish to thank Ms. Dagdagan and all the participants.

I have a somewhat unrelated question: I wish to purchase a Stereophile baseball cap like Herb is wearing in the video. It is not offered in the online shop. I have searched the internet with no result. I thank the responder in advance for the courtesy of a reply.

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Kodak805 wrote:
I wish to purchase a Stereophile baseball cap like Herb is wearing in the video. It is not offered in the online shop.

I'm afraid we sold out of the Stereophile caps a few years back. We found the one Herb is wearing in the publisher's office the day before the show and appropriated it.

John Atkinson
Editor, Stereophile

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You guys should reissue the hats! I would buy one for sure.

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The sound, at least in the room where the Tom Petty was played, was surprisingly good, although I still think it has some emphasis in the low mids that gives it a bit of tubbiness.

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I'm sure he meant 512 gigs not 512 kilobytes, which is less than a $10 flashdrive.

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You brought the show to us and these kinds of reports will never get old. Thank you!

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Look awfully interesting.