The Cute Naim Unitiqute

British Naim Audio showed an adorable new product in their room at this year’s CES. The appropriately named Unitiqute (pronounced Unity–cute, $2500) is an all-in-one streamer, DAC, preamp, amp, FM tuner and headphone amp. The Unitiqute also has the ability to pull the datastream off an iPod and be controlled by an iPad or iPod. The amplifier section puts out 30Wpc into 8 ohms and has just one button on its front plate. I thought the Unitiqute struck the perfect balance of functionality, cuteness and elegance.

blaven2's picture

Is there any chance this will be reviewed.  It is a very nice all in one option with quality DAC and Naim some power for efficient speakers.

I have heard it sounds amazing with digital sources but would love another review.

There is only one review of this well-priced product, and another would likely be of interest to many of your readers.