Crystal Acoustics, not Crystal Cable

Walking the halls of the Venetian, you often hear music emanating from the rooms, the sound prompting you either to want to check it out or to walk on by. I was attracted by the music coming from the room identified as Crystal: a clear, lively sound that could be appropriately described as "crystalline." I assumed that the exhibitor was Crystal Cable, which I knew to make some excellent speakers, but which have prices above my CES report coverage limit of $10k/pair. Nevertheless, I went into the Crystal room to have a closer listen—and discovered that the exhibitor was not Crystal Cable, but a company called Crystal Acoustics, based in Greece. Not only that, but the speaker playing was a compact wireless model, the Cuby 9, priced at just $599/pair.

They have several models, all well under $1000/pair, all wireless. As Vasilis Tsakiris, head of Crystal Acoustics research and development (pictured here with some of the Crystal Acoustics speakers) explained to me, all of their speakers feature multiple drivers. The Cuby 9, introduced at CES, is the top of the line, and has nine drivers, firing upward, sideways, and forward, creating a very spacious soundfield. All drivers are made by Crystal Acoustics. At this time the Crystal Acoustics line is not yet available in the US, but it's sure to be picked up by some enterprising distributor.

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Nice to see that some people are down to hearth with product and pricing.
Good job and wish them all the best.