Don't even think about the juxtaposition of so-called "modern art" with the kitsch figurines of Nipper and the parrot. Instead gaze upon the Classic Audio T1.3 Reference loudspeakers ($36,500), shown here with Classic's John Wolff. The T1.3 uses two 15" woofers , a TAD compression-loaded tweeter, and the jewel of the design, a 4" compression-loaded midrange dome feeding a Tractrix-flare horn designed by Bruce Edgar. All the drive-units are energized by field-coil magnets rather than permanent magnets. The rest of the system comprised Atma-Sphere MA-60 MUIII monoblocks ($6800), an Atma-Sphere MP-1 preamp ($12,100), Esoteric DU-50 CD player, Kuzma Reference table ($8900), TriPlanar arm ($4850), Van den Hul The Grasshopper cartridge, 59-cent hook-up wire, and my feeble attempts to decipher illegible handwriting. (So much for the "You don't have a sheet listing your products; you do the writing while I listen" approach). Playing the same Mahler as auditioned in the fabulous Koetsu USA room, this system certainly nailed the sound of the cymbals.

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Once upon a time ... I put music on my system and danced after work. Now, I just snap my fingers, sometimes.

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Probably should note that while on a continual search for new music, the sheer volume of new (and mostly marginal) stuff out there demands some descretion - there's just not enough time in the day to check it all out.

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I will get a pair for my office

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Oops. John chose his own photo that doesn't show the so-called modern art on the wall. I wouldn't bother to try to visualize it; there are better uses for your imagination.

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In all fairness, I'm hoping the horrid abstract painting and decorative panel came with the hotel. But if they didn't, gaaah!