Back in June 2010, I reviewed the DACPort USB D/A headphone amplifier and was very impressed by what I heard. CEntrance has since expanded their range of products, and at THE Show had a booth outside the Hilton's groundfloor ballrooms where they demmed a cute Audiophile Desktop system ($2000), which combines the MasterClass 2504 2-way coaxial speakers, the DACmini PX desktop amplifier and DAC, and a travel case.

Of particular interest to me was the newish DACport LX USB D/A processor ($299.50), which replaces the volume potentiometer with a fixed resistor divider. The headphone amp circuit now becomes the line output amp, resulting in an affordable USB DAC that can be used in a conventional system rather than with headphones.

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I must hand it to CEntrance for coming prepared with quality pop releases from Radiohead, and Jack White. It was a very welcome experience...too often exhibitors would say "you want to hear who?" blush


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Thanks to John for the shoe coverage!!  and Jitterjaber - thanks!!!!

I spend HOURS preparing my musical selection for the shows (I end up being the one who loads up all the devices, and bring my own vinyl) - so I'm so excited to see the responses to the MUSIC this time around!!!!!

Admittedly (because I write music reviews too) I LOVE turning people on using music that's NOT your typical audiophile fare.