Boulder Amplifiers 2110 line preamplifier Specifications

Sidebar 1: Specifications

Description: Remote-controlled line preamplifier. Analog inputs: 6 balanced (XLR). Analog outputs (all balanced, XLR): 2 main, 1 Aux. Other inputs/outputs: Boulder Link Ethernet and IR mini-plug. Maximum voltage gain: 20dB. Gain range (configurable): –100 to 20dB in increments of 0.5dB. Frequency response: 0.02Hz–300kHz, –3dB; 20Hz–5kHz, +0.00/–0.03dB. THD+N, 2V output, 20Hz–5kHz: 0.0008% (–102dB); 0.001% at 20kHz (–100dB). Crosstalk, L–R or R–L: –134dB or better, 20Hz–20kHz. Crosstalk, adjacent inputs: –134dB or better, 20Hz–20kHz. Input impedance: 333k ohms. Output impedance: 100 ohms. Power consumption: 240W max, 85W idle, 500mW standby. Manufacturer specifications all taken at 240VAC mains power.
Dimensions: Preamplifier: 18" (460mm) W by 6.725" (170mm) H by 16.3" (420mm) D. Weight: 63 lbs (28.6kg) net, 76.8 lbs (34.9kg) shipping. Power supply: 18" (460mm) W by 4.050" (105mm) H by 16.3" (420mm) D. Weight: 48 lbs (21.8kg) net, 58.3 lbs (26.5kg) shipping.
Serial number of unit reviewed: 11324.
Price: $54,000. Approximate number of dealers: 30.
Manufacturer: Boulder Amplifiers, Inc., 3235 Prairie Avenue, Boulder, CO 80301. Tel: (303) 449-8220. Web:

Boulder Amplifiers, Inc.
3235 Prairie Avenue
Boulder, CO 80301
(303) 449-8220

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Hi Michael

I notice you are using both products as digital sources. Which do you prefer?


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I am wondering why you did not compare it to Audio Constellation Altair II, Vitus MP L201 or Soulution 725, which are also marketed as high price tag high ends.