Audioshield and Audio Chamber present Credo Audio Switzerland, Meitner, van den Hul, VPI, and more

John McGurk's Audioshield distribution, together with Johnathan Ellis's Audio Chamber of Murrieta, CA, featured a system that delivered fine, clear, all-of-a-piece sound that brought a smile to my eyes and happiness to my heart.

In a system based around CREDO Audio Switzerland EV1202 Reference (Custom Shop Rough Cut Finish) loudspeakers ($19,995/pair), the recently reviewed Meitner MA3 Integrated D/A Processor/Streamer with Volume Control ($10,500), van den Hul Grail Phono Stage ($8995) and cabling—all distributed by Audioshield—with the addition of a VPI Industries Prime Signature (Rosewood) turntable ($9250; above) with van den Hul Frog Cartridge ($3520) and Balanced Audio Technology's VK-80i Integrated Amplifier ($9995; below), the vocalist Mallorca sounded extremely fine, and Amos Lee warm and beautifully voiced. I loved Á la Carte Brass & Percussion's "Mellow Saxophone," a great salsa track that was energizing and fun.

This system made me feel happy to be alive and covering T.H.E Show 2022.