AudioPrism Mana Reference monoblock power amplifier Associated Equipment

Sidebar 2: Associated Equipment

Analog source: Judith Spotheim La Luce and SpJ turntable/tonearm, Koetsu Rosewood Signature Platinum phono cartridge.
Digital source: Forsell Air Bearing CD transport, Burmester 989 CD transport, dCS 972 Sample Rate Converter and dCS Elgar converter at 24/192, direct output to the amps or into the preamp.
Preamplifiers: Classé Omega, BAT VK-50SE, Burmester 808 Mk.V, YBA Signature 6 Chassis.
Loudspeakers: JMlab Utopia.
Cables: Synergistic Research Designer's Reference Discrete Shielding, XLO The Limited, TARA The One. Power cords: AudioPrism ACFX, huge twisty Synergistic Designer's Reference Master Couplers Squared.
Accessories: API Power Wedge Ultra and Enhancers, Accuphase PS-1200 Clean Power Supply, ASC Studio Traps, Argent RoomLenses, PolyCrystal equipment racks, cones, and cable towers, Signal Guard platforms, Black Diamond Racing shelves and cones, AudioPrism Iso-Bearings, Bright Star Air Mass/Big Rock combo.—Jonathan Scull

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