Audioengine B1 Wireless Bluetooth Receiver/DAC

You connect the B1 to the analog input of your system and then pair it with your bluetooth smartphone or tablet and you're off and running. The Cambridge audio DAC I reviewed a couple months back had this capability built in and my guests loved using Bluetooth to play music from their phones over the system.

Inside is a 24 bit DAC and Sam Tellig raved about the aptX B1 last month in Stereophile. The B1 should be available for purchase starting now for $189.

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The Audioengine B1 is fine if all you want is Bluetooth streaming. If you want the ability to have Apt-X Bluetooth plus a DAC for other devices, the Musical Fidelity V90-BLU is a better overall value. In addition to Bluetooth it has optical and coax digital inputs for about $100 more than the Audioengine B1. And it saves an input to your amp if you wanted both capabilities.

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This is a nifty little box that surprised me with its high sound quality via Bluetooth. And it performs well in every room of the house.