Audio By Van Alstine Super-PAS Three preamplifier Specifications

Sidebar 1: Specifications

Descrption: Tube preamplifier with four or six line-level inputs and one MM phono input. Measured specifications: Frequency response (phono): –3dB points at 3.5Hz and 52kHz. Frequency response (line-level): –3dB points at 1.5Hz and 54kHz. Input impedance: 47k ohms in parallel with less than 20pF (phono), 94k ohms (line). Output impedance: 2k ohms (main). Maximum output level: 5V RMS into 10k ohms. Sensitivity (phono): 3mV RMS input for 1.5V output. Sensitivity (line): 310mV RMS input for 1.5V output. Phono input S/N ratio: 69dB A-weighted, 54dB wide-band, (ref. 1.5V out). Residual noise (v/c at minimum): –83dB. Tube complement: 2x12AX7 or 2x5751 (phono stage); 2x12AX7 or 2x5751 (line stage); 12X4 (rectifier).
Dimensions: 13.5" W by 10.5" D (including external transformer) by 4.25" H. Weight: 9 lbs.
Price: $200 (electrical rebuild kit for DIY upgrade of existing PAS); $350 (electrical rebuild of owner's own PAS by AVA); $150 (mechanical upgrade package, including new faceplate); $595 (new AVA-built PAS with AVA front-panel, 5751 tubes, and four Audioquest Sorbothane tube dampers); $635 (new AVA-built PAS with all AVA options plus gold-plated Tiffany jacks); prices include return shipping to the customer in the continental USA. Warranty: two years parts and labor (1988). No longer available (2008). Number of dealers: 1 (factory direct); 30-day satisfaction or your money back on brand-new AVA units (subject to a 15% restocking fee).
Manufacturer: Audio by Van Alstine, 2665 Brittany Lane, Woodbury, MN 55125-3022. Tel: (651) 330-9871. Fax: (651) 330-9822. Web: