Antelope Audio Rubicon DAC/Streamer Updated

As we've noted in the past, the Rubicon has a rich feature set and price to match: $40k. And now the product has been updated to include support for DSD 128 and 24/384 streaming via USB.

Lofty's picture

That is one piece of ugly equipment. Who says the rich have any taste?

music or sound's picture

I agree the ugliest on the market!

downunderman's picture

....Flash Gordon that is! Sure is one ugly 50's space themed box

K.Reid's picture

I won't go as far to say that this DAC/Streamer got hit with the ugly stick, but is the theme art decco. Hmmmm.

spacehound's picture

Why does it look like a 1950's jukebox with half a beer barrel stuck on top?

Maybe just a further indication of their 40K madness.

Pete990's picture

Not agree at all. I saw this thing in person at CES this year and it's the most gorgeous piece of audio equipment I’ve ever seen up to date, photo taken by cheap cell phone doesn't show even 0.1% of reality...