Air Tight ATM-2Plus Amplifier and PC-1 Coda Cartridge, Reed Muse 1C and Transrotor Rondino Turntables, Piega MLS 3 Speakers

Distributor Axiss Audio's main system, built around Air Tight's ATM-3211 211-tube based monoblocks ($72,000/pair), premiere ATM-2Plus KT-88-based stereo power amplifier ($TBD), ATC-5 tube-based preamplifier with phono equalizer ($9500), ATH-3 step-up transformer ($3000), premiere PC-1 Coda cartridge ($8500), and Opus cartridge ($15,000) took pride of place in an all-analog system whose bottom line was tube warmth for days. That warmth sounded beautiful—absolutely gorgeous—and just right for a track from Chet Baker's LP Chet, played through the premiere outing of Piega MLS 3 speakers ($55,000/pair). I believe the turntable was the premiere Reed Muse 1C ($13,500), outfitted with Air Tight's Opus cartridge.

In response to my request for something very different, Axiss Audio's Arturo Manzano summoned forth a track by Queen and David Bowie, which he played on the Transrotor Rondino Nero linear tracking turntable ($14,000) outfitted with Air Tight's Coda cartridge. I'm not sure which table had the premiere Reed 5T tonearm and which had Reed's 3P ($5500)—I also don't know if I ever heard the Piega Coax 711 speakers ($25,000/pair)—but cabling was the extremely neutral and detailed Wireworld Eclipse Series 8, and the rack was a Taol 4-shelfer ($4000).