Affordable Channel Islands

Using as his source a MacBook Pro playing iTunes/Pure Music, Dusty Vawter of Channel Islands was using his Transient MK II asynchronous USB converter ($699) with the VDC-5 Mk.II upgrade power supply ($399), PLC-1 Mk.II preamp ($899), D-500 Mk.II monoblock amplifiers ($5000/pair), and speaker prototypes that, perhaps a year from now, will yield Channel Islands loudspeakers. Playing a cover of "Sounds of Silence" on an Usher sampler, the sound was invitingly warm. The system also did a beautiful job of transmitting the natural sound of cymbals, which is no easy task.

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Nearly seven grand, before counting the cost of the speakers and the source component...  That's "affordable" to you guys?  

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Get outta here.

Yes, that IS extremeley affordable to us "guys".

What planet are you from? What are you doing on this website if you think 7 grand is expensive for an excellent playback system?

Get a job and maybe you can afford something better than made in China plastic piece of crap.


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I am not even sure that price includes the cost of the DAC from the description here. And several of these named products do not exist on the CI website unless I missed something, so I can't seem to figure out from there if the Converter mentioned here contains the DAC.

I gather many companies do not want customers who are not psychic.

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The cost of the DAC is included...

The Transient MKII($699) is a USB converter that has a built-in DAC in addition to 75 ohm S/PDIF, and two I2S outputs (Alchemy and PS Audio formats). Also, the cost for the VDC-5 MKII is incorrect (price is $329, not $399).

These are both new products which were unveiled at the show. The VDC-5 will be available next week, and Transient will start shipping in about 4 weeks. We hope to have info on our website soon. Sorry for any confusion.

Dusty Vawter/CIAudio

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Mr. Vawter, don't bother.

These idiots are obviously in the wrong place. Your product line is

exemplary, and affordable.  These broke ass anonymous posters are

are delusional. 

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A more intelegent response is that there are MANY very affordable high quality products on the market today, or will soon be on the market in the coming months ex. Schiit Bifrost and Gungnir. To have to shell out $700 pops without a power supply is a bit pricey in todays market to be honest. With the Gungnir you get a dual power supplies, discreat analog output and a well thought out DAC/clocks for about the same bucks. Its a great time to be a cheap bastard audiophile!