Added to the Archives This Week

It's no secret that audio publications around the world have been shrinking or disappearing of late. John Atkinson writes in his September 1999 "As We See It" that although the trend has certainly affected Stereophile's girth, steps have been taken to fatten the audiophile content of every issue. Read his analysis of the situation in "Closer Together Covers?"

Two articles this week focus on loudspeaker manufacturer M&K. The first, "Audio Odyssey: Ken Kreisel of M&K," is an interview conducted by Wes Phillips in the spring of 1997. Next we present WP's review of M&K's S-150 THX Surround Loudspeaker System. Phillips writes that the M&K system is "one heck of a bargain. If you can find a better one, buy it on the spot. Until then, the M&K S-150THX surround-speaker system sets the performance standard for the $5000 region."