Added to the Archives This Week

Wes Phillips writes, "I catch John's eye and wonder if he's pondering the same question I am: What were we thinking?" In addition to trying to push forward the limits of getting great sound onto tape, Stereophile's release of Rhapsody In Blue would offer the public a groundbreaking arrangement of George Gershwin's most popular orchestral work. In "The Rhapsody Project," Hyperion Knight and John Atkinson join Wes in chronicling their perspectives on the processes leading to this landmark recording.

Our Vote! responses this week reveal many an audiophile's favorite-looking piece of functional audio art. As a supplement to the amazingly varied answers, we present George Reisch's own soul-searching treatise on looks vs. sound. In "Vat do you zink of all my toops?," Reisch asks: If the perfect tube amp looked like Don Rickles' head, would you still buy it?