Added to the Archives This Week

Now that the big odometer has finally turned over, John Atkinson takes a moment to look back at the last 50 years of music reproduction—the era of high-end audio. Writing in "Happy New Audio Millennium," JA offers a little perspective on where audiophiles have traveled this last half century, and where we haven't.

Next, Jonathan Scull likes clean living—at least when it comes to his audio system. In "Fine Tunes" #6 he reveals his favorite tips and tricks for getting a system to sound its best.

Finally, we offer Kalman Rubinson's review of the Mark Levinson No.360 D/A converter. Kal writes: "Unlike the imposing mbl and Burmester DACs . . . the Mark Levinson No.360 is New England conservative in appearance. Its operation was simple to master despite the sophistication and flexibility on tap. Flanked by Fasolt and Fafner, the Levinson No.360 seemed as amiable as Freia." And the sound? Kal spills the beans . . .