Added to the Archives This Week

Steven Stone writes that "the Signature SC-VI is probably the most 'anti-tweak' flagship high-end speaker ever made." In his very thorough review of the Dunlavy Audio Labs Signature SC-VI loudspeaker, Stone details this legendary audiophile favorite from top to bottom. Is it the perfect speaker? Stone lays down his verdict, and more.

Said John Atkinson to John Dunlavy: "John, you've had an amazingly variegated career. You've designed antennae for the military, you've worked in pure science, you were involved in the International Geophysical Year back in 1957, you've lectured at university, you hold patents for all kinds of things, even for cancer treatment and CD playback. But despite all that, all you really seem to want to talk about is speakers. What is the fascination of audio?" For the answer, read the latest interview added to the Archives: "Loudspeaker designer John Dunlavy: By the Numbers . . . "

John Atkinson has gotten close to several SACDs in the last few weeks and is here to tell the tale: "To say that I am bowled over by the sound quality offered by SACD would be an understatement." For more of his insights about Sony's stab at high-end audio playback, we present "The Soul of a New Medium," JA's "As We See It" from the current (November '99) issue of Stereophile.