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Wes Phillips explains that Adcom is one of those companies that is easy to take for granted. "To break through our complacency, Adcom would have to produce an outright unlistenable turkey—or a product that raised the bar so high that any audio manufacturer would get a hernia just thinking about raising it again."

Has the bar been sufficiently raised? Read Wes's equipment report on the Adcom GFP-750 preamplifier to find out. A hint from Wes: "Well, brace yourself, Bridget—Adcom's GFP-750 is a solid-state preamplifier/passive line controller that will demolish your expectations."

Engineers have been pointing microphones at Pinchas Zukerman's violin for more than 30 years now. In "Bravo!: The 1998 Santa Fe Chamber Music Festival CD," John Atkinson reveals where he was told to point his mikes during the recording of Stereophile's latest CD release. Also included in his report are detailed equipment and music notes for the project, which included recording Mozart's Piano Quartet No.1 in g, K.478; Marc Neikrug's Pueblo Children's Songs; and Elgar's symphonic-scaled Piano Quintet in a, Op.84.

"Our best CD yet!" modestly exclaimed JA, even though he was forced to abandon his purist roots and record these classical works with close microphones and multitrack 24-bit recorders.