Added to the Archives This Week

In "Working in the Front Line," Martin Colloms writes: "A committed audio equipment reviewer operates at the front line of audio subjectivity. How is it possible to do this successfully, when a similar task undertaken by an industrial laboratory or test house would take five times as long, cost ten times as much, and deliver a verdict of arguably poorer relevance?" How indeed . . . Colloms explains himself.

Although many of you thought you'd never live to see the day, John Atkinson reviews a desktop PC convergence product from a mass marketer of consumer electronics, and then puts its picture on the cover of Stereophile! As JA writes in his review of the Yamaha @PET RP-U100 personal receiver, "when I laid eyes and ears on Yamaha's personal receiver (which communicates with its host PC via a bidirectional USB datalink) playing back a video from the computer's DVD-ROM drive with spacious-sounding audio reproduction, I immediately requested a sample for review." Read on for the results.