Accuphase A300 monoblocks and other debuts from AXISS Audio USA

With the assumption of audiophile Cliff Duffey (above) as President of AXISS Audio USA (aka AXISS Distribution Inc.), and the addition of T.J. Goldsby as Vice President of Sales and Dealer relations, the company has added more lines than can comfortably fit into a headline.

One of their large suites in the Schaumburg Hotel was brimming with some of those lines and several debuts: the North American debut of the new Accuphase A-300 class-A monoblock amplifier ($65,000/pair), created for the company's 50th anniversary, which delivers 125W into 8 ohms and up to 1000W into 1 ohm and is claimed to have an extremely high damping factor; the world premiere Yukiseimitsu Audio Yuki AP-01 turntable complete with tonearm and inner and outer ring clamps ($60,000, above) plus an Air-Tight Opus One cartridge ($17,500); the newly updated Gauder Akustik DARC 200 loudspeaker ($149,000/pair); the Beaudioful top-end custom-built Rack Walnut ($14,400 as shown); Nihon Onkyo Engineering room diffusors (below); and ZenSati cabling.

AXISS switched between electronics once each day. When I first entered, amplifier, preamplifier and DAC were the Soulution 511 in monoblock ($83,500/pair), Soulution 725 with phono module ($65,000), and Soulution 760 DAC with Leedh ($76,000). Together with Gauder Akustik DARC 200 loudspeakers, the Yukiseimitsu Audio Yuki AP-01 turntable, the Beaudioful Rack Walnut mentioned above, Gauder Akustic Clearwater speaker cabling, and a mint's worth of ZenSati Seraphim cabling (below), the system exhibited uncommon midrange strength and mellow sound.

I returned to the AXISS suite in the afternoon of Day 1 to hear the new Accuphase A-300 monoblocks paired with the Accuphase C-2900 preamplifier with AD-2900 phono module ($39,000) and Accuphase DC-1000 digital converter ($34,000). With a USB bridge converting USB to coax and a Roon Nucleus for streaming, the system sounded as smooth as with Soulution electronics but with far more color and a livelier top. I loved the warm and pleasing sound of Miles Davis's "Time After Time." Tchaikovsky's "Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairies" from the score to the perennial Nutcracker ballet, was so engaging, with such a beautifully cushioned velvet midrange, that only modesty and common sense prevented me from donning my tutu and dancing around the room like a sugar plum fairy on the ultimate sugar high.

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I am surprised that a $500,000 system is being fed a signal from a Roon Nucleus. I use Roon but never for critical listening. It’s far from being the ultimate source imo.

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Accuphase does not make a streamer. Hence, I assume that's why a Roon Nucleus was called into play. Allied to a linear power supply—the better the LPS, the better the sound—it's quite good. I used it as my reference for over a year. Yes, there are better on the market, but they cost far more, even after you factor in the LPS. But before I upgraded to another server, I ensured that I was using top-notch USB and ethernet cables.

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Mahalo for the reply Jason. I use some very expensive cables and components around my Roon set up. But having heard it in mine and many other systems, for me, Roon still messes with the sound. Convenient and quite good...but far from great. This system is half a million dollars so I don't get that they could not have used a better source to prove its worth. Now that turntable........But regardless I would love to have heard it. I have a soft spot for big bruising Japanese amps!

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It did sound nice I must say.

I was there when they did a demo with those diffusers (there were two additional vertical ones on either side out of the picture along with the two foot massager-looking things).

I was really impressed by them when they took them in and out of the system while playing the same song. Really helped the sound stage depth and width. BUT...and this is hilarious. That godawful 1980's build your own furniture oak finish is the only finish available.... Hey..put in half a million dollars of equipment and thrown in this cheap looking furniture thing....

The Accuphase power conditioner was also demoed, but from memory made less of an effect than the diffusers. Obviously cost 10s of thousands more as well.

But it was a lovely sounding system...Oh yes.

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... During a presentation I attended, it was explained that Accuphase has a policy of not developing a product if they cannot ensure at least a 5-year lifespan. In their view, streaming technology has not yet reached a point of maturity and stability to make that possible. So Accuphase does not make a streamer.

Best Wishes,

Jim Austin, Editor

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Nice coverage -JVS.
Great to see all of those beautiful Cables/Cords !!!