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Sound Quality

I can't believe this is a $249 headphone. Sean Olive contends that there is little relationship between the price of a headphone and the quality of reproduction. I agree. Usually it's used as a damning criticism of expensive headphones that don't live up to their price tag. Fortunately the opposite is also true: There are headphones that punch well above their price tag. Such is the case with the 1More Triple Driver Over Ear Headphone.

Generally speaking, the 1More TDOEH is a headphone with a moderate warm tilt. Bass is emphasized in a large humped response starting at around 300Hz and centered at 50Hz. The quality of bass response is very hard to describe. It's not sloppy or bloated, but it's not particularly punchy either. As mentioned previously, there's a significant rise in measured distortion, but it doesn't sound much like the distortion I've heard in other cans. It can get a little confused sounding with complex bass information. It does sound somewhat more visceral (having a physical sensation) than I've heard before...maybe I'm sensing the moving mass of the bass reflector.

I was listening to some Ray Brown Trio tracks. As he deftly traversed the finger board moving up and down over the lower ranges of the stand-up bass, the natural character of the instrument would change as it descended into the mid-bass region. It's almost as if another electric bass came in and played along for the low notes. What makes it noticeable is that the mids and treble on these headphones are superbly articulate and clear, which makes this transition into the mid-bass a bit of a distraction.

On the other hand, with electronic music the solid bass level and visceral sensation was really fun at times. I think these are actually borderline basshead headphones without being too offensive to people with neutral sensibilities. I'm kinda torn on the quality of bass response; I'd sure like to hear what these cans could be without the bass reflector, but I'm not entirely sure I'd want to do without it in the end. It is bringing something fun to the low end even though you're giving up some textural articulation. Definitely worth a listen to see if it's up your alley.

Apart from the odd transition between the bass and midrange, the midrange is quite neutral, and transitions nicely into a well balanced treble. Though the 1More TDOEH doesn't have the liquid coherence of some high-end cans, the articulation is spectacular. Response is very well balanced portraying the full spectral range of female vocals and cymbals. Response is crisp (in a very good way) without being strident in the least. I could play tracks I knew to be borderline edgy a high volume with no problems at all.

All this clarity spills over into the imaging and dynamics, which is moderately better than average in both cases. Imaging is is a tad shallow and remains in the head, but it's precise and specific with instruments stably in place in a continuous arch left to right. It's also somewhat low in the head, which I like as sometimes image depth is portrayed in more of an up than out direction that I find distracting. Dynamics, other than the somewhat odd bass response, are very nice. The 1More pretty much throws a strike right down the middle with excellent macro- and micro-dynamics...pretty much just does exactly what the music calls for.

The 1More Triple Driver Over-Ear Headphone is a stylish and very well built headphone at this price using quite a bit of metal and quality materials. Ear pads are plush and the headphones quite comfortable, but the earpads are as much on-ear as open-ear. The accessorization is solid including a Kevlar reinforced fabric covered OFC cable; 14" to 3.5mm adapter; and both hard-side clam-shell zipper closure case and fabric storage bag.

Sound is mildly bass emphasized with a fairly neutral midrange and treble response. Mids and treble are fabulously articulate and nuanced; imaging isn't particularly deep but breadth, specificity, and stability are excellent; macro- and micro-dynamics are very good. Bass is moderately emphasized but lacks textural resolve, seems like the bass reflector passive element is smearing things a bit. But it also adds a unique and subtle visceral sense of physical bass impact. I do hear it as a bit flawed but also quite fun.

Yes, these cans will be going up on the Wall of Fame as a really solid choice at the price. I think bass lovers will be particularly pleased; even though the bass is a little flawed the solid level and fun listening experience will win many over. And I can't say enough about the brilliantly nuanced control in the upper-midrange and treble. These headphones can shine without ever getting strident.

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