The Landfill Harmonic

"My life would be worthless without music," says one young member of the Landfill Harmonic, a music program for the children of Cateura, Paraguay.

Cateura is recognized as one of the poorest slums of Latin America—a town built atop a massive dump. Children there are born into poverty, surrounded by violence and drugs. They are lucky to have music teacher Favio Chavez, who helps his students find beauty and magic in the world around them. Together, they turn garbage into musical instruments.

For more information, visit The Landfill Harmonic on Facebook or at the Creative Visions Foundation.

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This is one of the best stories I've ever seen on an audio website.  Thanks for sharing it with the rest of us.  I hope those folks make it to Minnesota someday.

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Way fucking cool.

Always good to see how petty our everyday problems are, and what the real nature and power of the human spirit can yield.  Thank you for posting this.

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how many of the well off people of the world are going to pass up buying the latest $20,000 amp or speaker instead of helping those kids out? Are there any takers on this website willing to contribute? Will be interesting to see who does.

Okay here's your opportunity folks. Step up and help finance those kids so they can have better instruments and a chance at bettering themselves.

I donated and you don't want ME making you all look bad do you?devil

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It's been all day and no replies to my suggestions? No one else contributed money to funding the kids?  COME ON PEOPLE what's the problem? Lots of sympathy but no action hmmmmmm?

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Thanks for your thoughts, JohnnyR. I agree that this is a wonderful cause and I'm heartened by your support. But no one is obligated to advertise their support. We can do so quietly, if we choose. 

You've made your point.

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No, no one is obligated but I don't think many on here would pass up the opportunity to chime in and add their support if they really thought this was a great idea. So I don't have much hope that many will support this sadly. People with lower incomes seem to be less tight with their money when it comes to charities.