Stephen Mejias

Stephen Mejias  |  Dec 20, 2005  |  6 comments
I don't know nothing about nothing — I don't even own an iPod — but when I opened the attachment and scanned the press release, I was absolutely and immediately impressed.
Stephen Mejias  |  Dec 20, 2005  |  1 comments
Madison Avenue without all of its buses isn't really Madison Avenue. I stand in the quiet middle of it all, untouched, and smile a strange smile.
Stephen Mejias  |  Dec 19, 2005  |  2 comments
It was a miserable description of sexy. He usually does much better.
Stephen Mejias  |  Dec 18, 2005  |  2 comments
1. Sonic Youth — my favorite band — is working on a new album.
Stephen Mejias  |  Dec 17, 2005  |  2 comments
I know I haven't taken many days off.
Stephen Mejias  |  Dec 15, 2005  |  6 comments
The February issue is just about done. I mean, we've...
I can't even think...
Stephen Mejias  |  Dec 14, 2005  |  5 comments
It's not that I'm suffering from writer's block or anything queer like that, it's just that there's a lot going on in the office and in life. The difficult thing for me, when it comes to writing, is making sense of all these little red and white ideas hanging down from the ceiling like origami birdies. I'd prefer to spend my entire day writing.