Stephen Mejias

Stephen Mejias  |  Mar 24, 2006  |  7 comments
The doctor never called back. Maybe tomorrow. Nevertheless, I do feel a bit better. My head still hurts and my throat is still sore, but I've got more energy than I had all week. I picked up the tissues, came to terms with the tea, washed the dishes, and found the energy to set the Moscode aside for now and reinstate the Musical Fidelity A3.5 integrated.
Stephen Mejias  |  Mar 23, 2006  |  5 comments
Signs of sickness, with a scent like ennui, all over the apartment: dirtied tissues tossed to the floor, the many jilted cups of tea, unfinished this, unwashed that, empty cans of soup, the pale and quiet Moscode.
Stephen Mejias  |  Mar 22, 2006  |  5 comments
I'm sick. About as sick as I've ever been. Come to think of it, I haven't really been well since I came down with the flu at CES. I've been fighting something ever since. And today, it knocked me out. Fever, chills, pain all throughout my body, an excruciating headache.
Stephen Mejias  |  Mar 21, 2006  |  2 comments
Today I received an e-mail from one of my favorite hi-fi sales managers. These are the guys who help me collect pricing and dealer data, images to accompany our reviews, and other behind-the-scenes stuff.
Stephen Mejias  |  Mar 20, 2006  |  4 comments
I've been paying more attention to my trembling hands. I wonder if they shake while I'm playing guitar. Does it contribute to my style? Has it determined the way I fret and strum?
Stephen Mejias  |  Mar 17, 2006  |  2 comments
It turns out that Dr. L.R., PhD, does not have two first names. While her last name is spelled just like a very ordinary first name, it is pronounced in a way that makes it something entirely different.
Stephen Mejias  |  Mar 16, 2006  |  3 comments
I had no idea at all. The first one, recommended to me by my primary care physician, wouldn't accept my insurance, but would be happy to give me a discounted rate of $40 for the first two sessions. Afterwards, we'd have to discuss and determine an amount that would be fair. Besides this small inconvenience, she would be away for the entire month of April. While she'd be willing to see me for at least one session before flying off to South America — "How does that sound to you?" — I'd be left alone immediately after.
Stephen Mejias  |  Mar 15, 2006  |  2 comments
JA, the industrious, is home today, working on his review of the Slim Devices Squeezebox, which will appear in our next eNewsletter. This makes me happy. Happy, not because JA, the boss, is home, but happy because he's working on his review of the Squeezebox. And, the Squeezebox, as we know, with all of its delicious features and its oh-so-sleek-and-simple lines that fit snugly in the tiniest of corners to broadcast your Editors and Jimmy Edgars and Pink Martinis and Sonic Youth-slash-Fugazis from your office to your kitchen to your bedside window ledge to your broom closet and back into your sweetly pitter-pattering music-loving heart,
Stephen Mejias  |  Mar 14, 2006  |  4 comments
"Thanks for listening."
I wish she would call.
Stephen Mejias  |  Mar 13, 2006  |  2 comments
Tomorrow, music editor Robert Baird is off to Austin, Texas, for the South By Southwest Music, Film, and Interactive Fest. He attends year after year.