Stephen Mejias

Stephen Mejias  |  Jun 23, 2006  |  1 comments
As I mentioned yesterday, I had, for some time — long before acquiring a hi-fi, in fact — fought the idea of placing my couch against the rear wall of my living space. When I finally did, however, I found that things both looked and sounded different. And not only different, but: better. And I'm not confusing the two. So, what's up with this?
Stephen Mejias  |  Jun 22, 2006  |  0 comments
Kelli's never been too happy with my orange Ikea couch. After all, she has her opinions on what a couch should be. First and foremost, obviously, a couch should be comfortable. Aiding in the comfort of a couch, Kelli tells me, are things like arms and backrests and cushions made of soft fabric. All of these things work together to provide a soothing place for resting one's head and supporting one's legs after a long, tiring day in the office. My couch, however, lacks these things. To a certain degree, I'm proud of my couch for maintaining its individuality — its unwillingness to conform to society's standards of what a couch should offer and be. My couch is a rebel.
Stephen Mejias  |  Jun 21, 2006  |  0 comments
Precisely at noon, Brother Todd called to remind me. Elvis came from my cell phone, ringing singing ringing: "You were always on my mind..."
Stephen Mejias  |  Jun 19, 2006  |  0 comments
Some things have led us to consider what we want — exactly, more or less, I suppose — from music. Feel free to substitute "the band," or "art," or even "life," for music. That is:
Stephen Mejias  |  Jun 16, 2006  |  2 comments
"Oh, you're still here," Elizabeth said, on her way out.
Stephen Mejias  |  Jun 15, 2006  |  0 comments
Alright, dammit, I give in: The new Sonic Youth album is pure beauty.
Stephen Mejias  |  Jun 13, 2006  |  5 comments
Robert has asked me to review the new Sonic Youth album, Rather Ripped. You'd think I'd be thrilled about this. I would be, normally. But, so far, I find the new Sonic Youth album to be disappointing, an underachievement. Having to review the new Sonic Youth album is beginning to stress me out. Thus: this, therapy.
Stephen Mejias  |  Jun 12, 2006  |  2 comments
Today is a special Monday in Stereophile land. Today is JA's birthday. Happy birthday, JA. Today is also Kristina Roman's first day with us.