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Wes Phillips  |  Feb 16, 2007  |  0 comments
Dear Gaia, Barbara Romanowicz thinks she knows why you hum all the time.
Wes Phillips  |  Aug 13, 2008  |  1 comments
Naturally, this NY resident, who doesn't own a car, was given a Speed for a starter car. No problem—as it turns out people get out of the way when they see eight Bentleys coming at them. As a result, I managed not to hit any pedestrians or guardrails—only the road.
Wes Phillips  |  Nov 08, 2006  |  3 comments
Serendipitous laboratory accidents have created many "miracles of science." But could somebody explain item 20 on this list to me?
Wes Phillips  |  Jan 24, 2006  |  0 comments
San Francisco's wonderful Jon Carroll points us towards Regret The Error, a compendium of error correcting slugs that have run in newspapers and journals.
Wes Phillips  |  Dec 01, 2005  |  1 comments
If you're geeky enough to get both references, you're my kind of guy.
Wes Phillips  |  Jan 20, 2006  |  1 comments
Joey deVilla, aka Accordion Guy in the 21st Century, is disgruntled (trust me, Accordion Guy is at his best when he's not gruntled). His beef? The fundraising dinner held last night for Canadian MP Sam Bulte, aka Hollywood's MP, because of the perhaps coincidental linkage between her advocacy of extremely restrictive copyright legislation and her acceptance of financial support (57% of her campaign war chest) from institutions such as the Canadian Motion Pictures Distributors Association, Canadian Publishers Council, and the Entertainment Software Alliance.
Wes Phillips  |  Jul 30, 2008  |  3 comments
Geva believes that measurements don't lie—well, he allows that they can fib, but that a competent engineer should be able to interpret them with great accuracy. He uses aluminum and ballistic allow instead of wood or MDF, he said, because they are the "most resonant free, deadest, stiffest, strongest, least diffractive, and most sonically desirable materials ever found."
Wes Phillips  |  Dec 29, 2005  |  0 comments
From the number one manufacturer of defective explosives.
Wes Phillips  |  Aug 28, 2006  |  1 comments
You take a 600 Hz tone and adjust the amplitude and phase relationships among three speakers. My buddy Jeff swears he saw this done in Jersey with just two loudspeakers, but I think he was just listening at such high volume that his eyeballs were compressing.
Wes Phillips  |  Jan 30, 2007  |  1 comments
"An audience member unhappy with the sound in their part of the auditorium can change seats, but we [concert pianists] cannot," Byron Janis says. "Therefore the position of the piano on stage is of utmost importance—moving it only a foot in either direction can make an enormous difference in the sound and therefore in the performance."
Wes Phillips  |  Jun 22, 2006  |  1 comments
Jon Iverson sends along this deeply meaningful site, commenting, "Fun for hours!"
Wes Phillips  |  Jan 30, 2007  |  1 comments
That's Spengler's argument in this Asia Times essay, at any rate. Within that discussion, however, Spengler muses about why modern art is so much more popular with the public than "modern" music—and that's the hmmm part of his essay—that music, unlike the plastic arts, can only be experienced within time.
Wes Phillips  |  Oct 15, 2007  |  0 comments
On the eve of the film's UK release, Neil Gaiman muses on how he came to write Stardust.
Wes Phillips  |  Jun 14, 2007  |  0 comments
Adventure picks what it calls the 100 greatest adventure books published in English. I'd probably call them travel books, but that's a quibble.
Wes Phillips  |  Feb 27, 2007  |  0 comments
You've probably seen them on the Interwebs, now read what that happens to the "Prisoners of You Tube.